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MorsoA G Fenton Stoves and Fireplaces are local agents for Morso Stoves.

This company has a history which goes back to 1853 and is now seen as one of the leading woodburning stove and multifuel stove companies in the world.

Morso Stoves

The company is based in Denmark although as wood burning stove and multifuel stove fans in the UK will be well aware, there has been major expansion over the years into areas such as the UK.

Using the latest combustion technology together with the latest designs and craft skills available, Morso Stoves has been able to create a string of very popular stoves.

The range of products on offer includes Morso multifuel stoves and Morso wood burning stoves. For details on specific Morso stoves  visit Morso website.

Our staff in store are happy to advise at all times.

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